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Magic and Metal – Introduction

The world of Elazeer is changing. For aeons, it has been a verdant, fantastical world paradise, a land where brave warriors did battle with ancient foes: dragons, cunning manticores, and vicious hydras lived just outside the bounds of civilization, making life more interesting for the people of Elazeer, and in many cases, shorter. Wild magic sprang from the land itself, feeding the creatures of this place, and it was not long before this power was harnessed by humans.

In 871 DR the Emerald Spire was established in order to manage and control the rising wave of magicians, hedge wizards and charlatans. In a matter of one hundred years, the Emeralds had made magic illegal outside of the Guild, and from their high tower they dictated commands to Guild mages in the country, and indeed the world. While the major stronghold of the Emerald Legion was located in Drake’s Reach, the capital city of Elan, they transcended nationality and patriotism, setting up outposts in the frozen wilds of Scythia, and even remote Arrakeen, beyond the Wyrmstooth Mountains to the east. The major goals of the guild were to control the use of magic throughout the world and to consolidate its own power.

However, three hundred years later, after years of unquestioned dominance, the Guild came under threat from a group of Scythian rebels calling themselves “Technomancers”. The ensuing war lasted for twenty one years, ending with the total defeat of the Emerald Legion, scattering the survivors across the world, forced to go into hiding or conceal their powers, making a living as best they could in the new Scythia. The mages in hiding were under constant threat from the death squads sent out to eliminate every last trace of magic from Elazeer by the Committee for the Responsible Use of Magic.

It is now the year 1221 DR, fifty years since the Mage War, and the power of the Technomancers remains unassailable. The use of magic has been all but extinguished, births of children with the talent have declined steadily since the end of the war, and sightings of the mythic beasts once so common in the land have been less and less frequent. The machines of the Technomancers roll swiftly across the land, clearing the once abundant forests of Elan for farmland and for the majority of the population, life is good. This year, however, a series of daring raids have been executed against Scythians trains and harassing armored supply caravans, disrupting trade to the far sides of the Empire. Emperor Vindictus III has spent great personal expense trying to root out the traitors, but to this point he has made little progress. Rumors have begun to circulate that the remaining rogue wizards have come out of hiding and are preparing to wrest control of Elazeer from the Technomancers…by any means necessary.

As the campaign in heroic tier is fairly low magic, it does not make sense to play as any weird, super magical races. Likewise Dwarves have gone into hiding and will need a good reason to be out in the world.
Dwarf (Dwarves are case by case; they will need an excellent backstory to justify their presence in the party)
Everything from PHB3

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

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