For years, Scythia was populated by a harsh, brutal tribe of barbarians who roamed across the frozen landscape trying to survive from day to day. Each tribe was led by a shaman, an individual with an innante knack for harnessing magic, and through excercising his/her powers the tribes prospered. However, the founding of the Emerald Legion put an end to this lifestyle, forcing all shamans to register with the guild and forcing the Scythians to live in settled communities. The largest of these cities, Land’s End became the capital of Scythia lead by the Jarl, who governed the proud, independent people to the best of his ability. The Scythian people were always somewhat resentful of the Emerald Legion’s interference in their affairs, and rebellions against the magi were distressingly common. For the most part, damage to the infrastructure of the country was minor, as the magi were able to put down the rebellions before they had really begun, however this all changed with the rebellion incited by the Technomancers, which allowed the rebels to both organize and effectively fight back against the tyranny of the mages. Lead by a coalition of powerful shamans, the mages were pushed further and further back until eventually they were reduced to scattered pockets, allowing the rebels to consolidate their rule.


Scythia is mostly a land of frozen tundra, with mountains liberally studding the northern and eastern areas. In the winter, blizzards ravage the landscape, although thanks to the innovations offered by the Technomancers,


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